SlimDrivers 2.7.1

This free software will analyze all current drivers on your PC and make sure they are all up to date

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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SlimDrivers 2.7.1
SlimDrivers 2.2.44488

SlimDrivers is a driver maintenance tool that can help keep your PC up to date.

SlimDrivers is an application that helps you maintain current device drivers and Windows updates. The program works by scanning your computer for drivers and updates. It them matches those items against a database. Any items that are outdated or otherwise incorrect will be listed. You can then indicate which items you want SlimDrivers to fix. It will then download and install those items. Even when a reboot is required, the program will reboot the PC and continue working.

SlimDrivers is more than just a driver updater. It’s a suite of utilities, which includes tools for uninstalling, backing up and restoring drivers. The uninstall component is quite convenient because driver uninstalls can be messy. This ensures that all traces are removed and that your computer is ready for installation of a new driver if applicable. The backup feature is convenient if you no longer have access to a driver install for whatever reason or simply want to move a driver without installing. Restore is the tool that lets you use the driver backups you’ve made.

You can choose to run the SlimDrivers scan on demand. You can also have the program load with Windows and even schedule scans so that they run automatically. The database the program uses is maintained online. That means that you need an Internet connection for this program to run. It also means that its reliant on server uptimes. If there’s a problem with the server, which does happen from time to time, this program won’t work until the issue is fixed.

SlimDrivers lacks an ignore option, which is a feature we’d like to see added. If there’s a driver that the program flags as outdated in error, there’s no way to prevent that driver from coming up in the least each and every time you scan. This can be a common issue with Realtek audio drivers, for instance, which even Windows itself often incorrectly flags due to how many options and versions there are.

SlimDrivers is freeware. You can use it as often and as much as you want without cost. You do, however, need to register an account, which requires a valid email address. This wasn’t always the case. SlimDrivers was free without strings for a long time. Of course, requiring an email address won’t be a deal-breaker for most, but it seems an unnecessary step this far along in the program’s history.


  • Freeware
  • Scans for driver updates


  • Requires registering

SlimDrivers is a free program that automatically scans computers and updates drivers. People who use outdated drivers cannot use some of their computer hardware. Some video cards may not display images correctly. Some computer viruses are also capable of uninstalling drivers. SlimDrivers automatically scans the Windows operating system and checks for outdated or missing drivers. This program's scanning process usually takes less than two minutes. Many people have difficulty updating their drivers because the required software is all over the Internet. SlimDrivers automatically searches the Internet for the most up-to-date driver software.

This program has a very intuitive interface. The center of the program's screen displays a large button that starts the scan. The top right corner of the screen displays the number of new driver updates that are available. Some of the driver updates that slim drivers displays are mandatory, but many of them are optional. The optional updates are often impossible to discern from the required ones. This can make it hard to avoid installing unnecessary programs to update the driver software. Updating drivers with SlimDrivers can take a significant amount of time. The program forces the user to download all of them individually. A much better design would allow the user to install all of the driver updates at once.

One of the best features that SlimDrivers offers is the ability for the user to create a restore point before installing new drivers. Some drivers can cause parts of computers to stop operating. Some viruses can even cause drivers to stop functioning after they've been updated. SlimDrivers also allows the user to manually uninstall drivers from the program's dashboard. This feature is probably a bad inclusion because some people may uninstall drivers without realizing they're necessary to keep parts of the computer functioning.

The only real problem with SlimDrivers is that it's loaded with pop-up banners that encourage the user to download the full version. This program works great without downloading the full version, so paying for this program probably isn't necessary unless you want to support the developers. Some driver downloads can also take several minutes to complete. They also have a tendency to fail completely for no apparent reason.

SlimDrivers is regularly updated with the most up-to-date driver software. The program includes a link to a forum that provides instant support for anyone having trouble with the program. SlimDrivers is one of the most useful programs a Windows user can download. Many Windows users don't realize that uninstalled and malfunctioning drivers can create a whole host of different problems for the Windows operating system. SlimDrivers is as functional as a program of this nature can get.


  • This program can scan for driver updates very quickly.
  • Slimdrivers has an an interface that is very intuitive and easy to navigate.


  • This program is filled with numerous banner and pop-up advertisements.
  • The process of updating drivers with this software can take a very long time.

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